Bring your wearables to market with today's most accurate biometrics, powered by PerformTek®.

We provide a three-part patent-protected licensing package that includes:
  • optomechanical biometric sensor designs
  • a DSP chip loaded with our biometric firmware
  • access to an online community through our API (application programming interface)

As a licensee, you have access to Valencell's highly cited patent portfolio and to our comprehensive R&D team of experts providing the right mix of mechanical engineering, signal processing skills and exercise physiology leadership. To find out more about how Valencell can help you tap in to the growing fitness monitoring market, we welcome you to reach us at

3 parts of Valencell Technology video


3 parts of Valencell Technology

Who licenses Valencell Technology video


Who licenses Valencell Technology

Provides more, with less.
When compared with other fitness monitors, PerformTek® sensor technology measures more real-time biometric and physiological data, with a high degree of accuracy and consistency, and does so in a single patented-protected technology. PerformTek® is the only solution on the market that allows you to capture meaningful, actionable, and personalized health and fitness data such as metabolic rate and cardiovascular fitness (VO2 max).
Provides more, with less.
Patented and
proven technology platform.
We offer our partners a true, patented, clinically validated and commercially available technology platform for different form factors (headsets, arm bands and wrist devices) versus limiting you to one technology and one type of device. We provide a rich product roadmap for measuring other physiological health parameters as you look to enhance or expand your product and service offerings.
Patented and proven technology platform.
Partnership approach.
In the process of transferring our technology to our licensing partners, we go a step further and provide thorough validation of the PerformTek sensor technology in your product through our state-of-the-art testing methods. To learn more, download our white paper, Validation of iriverON® with PerformTek® Sensor Technology where we examine the accuracy of Valencell, Inc.’s PerformTek® earbud sensor technology integrated into the iriverON® Bluetooth headset relative to a traditional chest strap heart rate monitor during multiple levels of exercise intensity.
Partnership approach.

The proof is in the numbers…

Capture your share of this exponentially growing segment of the market.
Mobile Smart
Wearable Devices to
be worth
$19 Billion
by 2018.
than half

of online US
consumers have used
a fitness technology
in the past year.
37% of
online US

anticipate purchasing
fitness technology
in the next 12
—Juniper Research —Consumer Electronics
   Association report
—Consumer Electronics
   Association report

It makes sense.


Deliver on your health and fitness initiatives without forcing consumers to buy new devices or change behaviors. People everywhere are already using headsets, armbands and wrist devices on a regular basis. So why not use that as an opportunity to monitor vital signs and other physiological data as consumers go about their daily lives - exercising, listening to music, or talking on the phone?


Valencell’s technology fits seamlessly into the current behavior of consumers, allowing them to use a device they are already wearing versus investing in a new device and/or wearing multiple devices. Device consolidation is more important to consumers than ever before, not only because of convenience, but also because of economic reasons.


The unprecedented accuracy of physiological metrics, provided in real-time, helps consumers customize and personalize data to help meet their specific goals. Users can view metrics live through applications on their iPhone, Android phones, or other smartphone devices. Licensees can produce a virtually limitless array of mobile health and fitness applications that leverage PerformTek sensor data. 


PerformTek provides continuous fitness biometric monitoring technology clinically proven to be accurate during virtually any exercise in virtually any physical environment or condition.  It works while the user is exercising indoors or outdoors, running, biking and even during aggressive strength training.