We've fielded a wide variety of inquiries from potential partners and consumers. While we don’t sell devices directly to consumers, our partners have begun sales of their own branded accessories powered by PerformTek®.

Here’s a list of our most frequently asked questions.

How does Valencell’s technology work?

Valencell’s technology consists of 3 novel elements: 1) sensor module designs, 2) signal extraction technology, and 3) physiological assessments.

For more information, check out the Technology page how Valencell’s sensor technology measures real-time body metrics.

What does PerformTek® sensor technology measure?

When integrated into standard audio earbuds, arm bands and wrist devices, PerformTek enables real-time monitoring of physical performance, fitness, and health status.

We currently offer heart rate, heart rate recovery, VO2 max (aerobic fitness) calories/energy expenditure, distance, speed, cadence, steps taken, workout tracking, workout planning and personalized coaching at this time.  The others will be available for licensing at a later date.

What are the price points and where can I buy PerformTek®?

As a technology development and licensing company, Valencell doesn’t control the retail price point of products powered by Performtek sensor technology or where they will be sold. 

Is Valencell hiring?

Valencell is a fast-growing technology development and licensing company at the cutting-edge of fitness technology. To learn more about open positions at Valencell, go to our careers page and check out our current listings. For more information on internships and positions at Valencell, send an email with your resume to resumes@valencell.com.

Can I participate in validation studies or product testing?

For additional information on participating in validation studies or product testing at Valencell, contact Dr. Chris Eschbach. Be sure to tell him your story, how you heard of Valencell and why you think our technology can help you.

Still have more questions about Valencell not listed above?

Head over to our Contact Us page. Let us know how you heard about Valencell’s fitness monitoring technology and how we can help you.

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