About Us

What we do.

Valencell develops wearable physiological monitoring technology and licenses this technology to industry partners for seamless integration with brand-name products already used by tens of millions of consumers each day while exercising or going about daily activities. Some of the company’s first commercialized technology can be found in sports audio headsets.

With ten patents granted and dozens patents pending, Valencell’s PerformTek® sensor technology measures continuous, real-time biometric and physiological data under virtually any environmental condition and can be streamed to any device, including computers, mobile devices, and smartphones. Seamless integration with PeformTek® Precision Biometrics provides meaningfulactionable, and personalized health and fitness data ideal for use in fitness training, athletic performance coaching, and many other applications.


The company was founded in 2006 by three scientists and engineers with 50 years of combined experience in research and development. Valencell’s team has collectively filed over 100 patents and secured over $15 million in government grant funding.


Since being founded, the company has raised more than $6.5 million in venture funding including a recent Series B investment led by Best Buy Capital, with participation from Series A investors TDF and True Ventures. The company has also secured more than $3 million in grants.

Ongoing collaborations with the Duke Center for Living, North Carolina State University, the Human Performance Laboratory and American College of Sports Medicine provide clinical validations testing for Valencell’s next-gen technology. Based in Research Triangle Park, North Carolina, the company fosters relationships with some of the strongest academic and technical institutions in the country, including Duke University and North Carolina State University.